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How it all Began

Southerleigh was created by a culinary dream team obsessed with food – not only faithful to delivering brilliant dishes with exceptionally high-quality ingredients but a team fanatical about connecting people with energizing fine casual dining experiences.

The first Southerleigh restaurant, Southerleigh Fine Food & Brewery, was launched by renowned Chef Jeff Balfour in April 2015. Located in the heart of one of the most valuable and recognizable modern-day developments in the U.S. called “Pearl”, based on its late-1800’s start as a beer production facility and now the jewel of the food scene in San Antonio, Southerleigh Fine Food & Brewery, quickly became the recipe of success preparing smart exceptional comfort food and sought-after hand-crafted beers. As the cornerstone successful restaurant and brewery of the 18-acre property, local and national visitors alike were elated that once again, beer was flowing from the taps and the livelihood of the Southerleigh atmosphere was in full swing.  

Balfour brought together the best of the new and old, as he created a unique culinary concept by taking Texas’ cross-cultural cuisine, influenced by his native coastal upbringing in Galveston, Texas, and combined it with Head Brewer Les Locke’s unique craftsmanship of distinguished custom brews, all orchestrated by the French General Manager, Phillipe Placé. The extraordinary setting, extreme attention to detail, and the endless pursuit of creating memorable meal experiences were the foundation for Southerleigh's blueprint.

With a fanatical obsession for connecting people with fun, memorable dining experiences, and an indisputable knack for finding the right up and coming locations, the Southerleigh Restaurant family continued to grow. 

In August 2019, Southerleigh announced plans to expand by replicating the successful blueprint to more locations in San Antonio. With the original restaurant and brewery in the heart of downtown San Antonio, new gathering places were selected in the northern and southern districts of the city. A new concept will open its doors in 2020, Southerleigh Haute South, with two locations, first one in the fastest-growing commerce, life, and leisure destination in the northwest part of San Antonio known as the RIM and a second one in the up-and-coming community of Brooks on the Southeast side. Those friendly community locations will be home to the leading fried chicken fine-casual dining experience.  

We believe connecting people with food and drinks is the ultimate proof of love.

We are Southerleigh. By foodies. For foodies.

Our Team